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SUS Suzhou mainly acts as the agent of Japanese IAI electric cylinders, manipulators, and SUS aluminum products. Our company was wholly-owned by Japan SUS Co., Ltd. in December 2004. It is dedicated to the sales and after-sales maintenance of IAI actuators and cylinders. We also sell SUS aluminum standard parts and connectors, and assembly products of aluminum products. The IAI actuators and electric cylinder series occupied 60% of the global market share in the same industry. The IAI brand has penetrated into various automation equipment suppliers. In order to improve the efficiency of automation design solutions, IAI electric cylinders are equipped with ball screws ·High performance electric cylinder with linear guide and AC servo motor.

Variety of types, slider type, tie rod type, rotary type, gripper type, strokes ranging from 30 mm to 4 meters. It has the superiority that the cylinder can't match. SUS aluminum profile is also one of the domestic aluminum profile manufacturers. The main profiles are GF·SF products and various connectors and SCBOX. Its products are rich and diverse and can meet the needs of various designs of customers!



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